Different Types Of Magicians You Probably Didn’t Know About

Magicians always bring awe and amazement to people. Whether they do card tricks or more elaborate illusions, their intention is always to amaze and bring wonder to their audience. But, did you know, that the term “magicians” is actually a general term for many different kinds? Here are the various ways to identify what sort of magician is playing tricks on you:

Psychological Magicians

The magic tricks of these type of magicians take a really long time to perfect and require a lot of constant practice. The most intellectual type of these magicians are the mentalists. They usually show their magical prowess by reading thoughts, healing abilities, and other mind-boggling tricks that go beyond what can be imagined. They always tell their audience that there is no supernatural power behind their magic, just the power of their minds and an unfathomable level of concentration. With their abilities, the lines of reality and impossible becomes hazy, making people believe that what is impossible may not be the case after all.


These magicians usually make use of props and elaborate settings to deceive their audience into believing what they see. They are highly trained and superbly choreographed that a massive audience is tricked into what they should accept as what truly happened. So, Illusionist shows are great to watch because the entire audience is enthralled and participates in the grand deception, trying to predict what will happen next but fails to do so, which leads to all of them being amazed after the show.

Magicians using the Sleight of Hand

These magicians normally use cards or other mundane objects to entertain their audience with their magic tricks. These people are intelligent and sly at the same time. They practice constantly to make sure that their art is well-crafted. Basically, this line of magic aims to create a magic trick by making fast movements of the hands that the human eye cannot follow. These magicians have tremendously good hand-eye coordination in order for them to complete a trick.



You have surely seen magicians who tie themselves with numerous bindings only to show to the audience that they can escape such bindings within the time limit that they have set. Normally, they incorporate a dangerous element in their acts wherein a serious injury might happen if they cannot escape in time. Also called escape artists, these people tend to put their lives on the line in order to give a great breath-taking show for their audience. They do all of their daring acts in front of a live audience which cannot help but to gasp and hold their breath as the act is being done. The shows for these artists are not for the faint of heart.

Whatever type of magic you witness, one thing is definitely there, and that is the awe that you feel whenever you witness a successful and entertaining trick. These magicians go the extra mile just to entertain and it is what makes this line of show business a unique and truly magical experience to have.

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